Getting excited about the Kids Alpha program at Apex UMC!

What is Kids Alpha?

Kids Alpha is an adaptation of the Alpha course that provides kids an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and their Christian faith along the same topics as that their parents are discussing in the adult Alpha Course.   Kids Alpha is presented in a way that is more appealing to young people.  Kids Alpha are for those children in grades K-5th.  We offer childcare for children who are infant to pre-K.

To participate in childcare you must register your child at

What does an Kids Alpha session look like?

Kids Alpha follows the same weekly discussion questions that the adult Alpha program does.  This helps promote family discussions.  However, Kids Alpha do not watch the same videos as adult Alpha.  We start with a topic similar to that of adult Alpha being discussed that week.  This is followed by small group discussions and a craft that is geared towards that week’s topic.  Then we have games, activities, dancing, and additional fun crafts if time allows.

Does Alpha Kids participate in the weekend retreat?

Kids Alpha does not participate with Alpha on their retreat weekend.  It is for adults only.

Can my child attend Alpha Kids without me attending Alpha?

No. Kids Alpha is designed to help families initiate discussions around what they have learned.  An adult must be either be taking the Alpha course or serving as a volunteer in order for a child to participate in Kids Alpha.


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